Posted by: lrayshel | June 20, 2007

guest blogger – devil’s advocate

i just read this in the lib ref listserv i’ve joined and thought i’d post it today for fun and another perspective: i’m taking in all the information i can get on web/library 2.0, and this is one sort of voice i hadn’t heard till now.

Scott Peterson <>

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Jun 18 (2 days ago)

“I realize it will cost me brownie points, but I seriously question the
obsession recently with libraries and social networking websites. Every time
I look it’s a new blog, new Facebook site, new Myspace page, Second Life
“library,” and so on.

The sites themselves are currently popular, but I wonder how long this will
last. Myspace in particular seems to be getting co-opted by commercial
interests with web pages about movies or rock bands that were actually set up
by PR firms.

Latching onto the Web 2.0 buzz may appear trendy and relevant, but the
approach seems to be let’s create as many blogs and pages as possible, and a
miraculous ocean of content will fill it all up. And what are blogs? For
the most part people posting their opinions and ideas. They have often
neither the resources, skills, or in some cases the talent to do firsthand
reporting and generating of information. I’d much rather go direct to the
source than weed through an RSS feed of three dozen blogs to find out
something useful.

And really, is this making a huge impact for libraries? Aside from the
people joining the chorus and saying patrons now demand interactive content,
etc., is this really turning things around? I’d really like to hear some
amazing success stories, since far too often it seems things like live chat
reference and librarian’s blogs end up hardly getting used or read.

And if you don’t want listen to me, read this article:

technology – timesonline

I think it sums up the way I’m starting to feel on Web 2.0.


Scott Peterson”



  1. my thoughts exactly. i don’t usually respond to wife-murderers, but your comments about web 2.0 are on the money. could be entertaining while you serve out the rest of your life in jail however…

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